Metal Spinning


Also known as Metal Turning

Process of Metal Spinning is applying force to a pre-sized metal disk and causing it to flow over a formed block that is mounted in the drive section of a lathe. This pre-sized block determines the shape of what was just a metal disk.Some of the advantages of Metal Spinning are, costs can be much lower than other metal forming techniques, process is often done by hand for low volume production and prototypes thus removing the costs of expensive tools, can be easily automated for large production runs.Type of Tools used range from basic hand tools such as a Spoon to CNC rotating tools typically used during CNC metal spinning operations.These tools are made from hardened steel for working with aluminum as well as solid brass for spinning mild and stainless steel.


A Venturi air valve has a curved body that functions as a valve seat, and a cone that moves in and out of the throat of the Venturi to restrict airflow.

Inlet Tubes

An inlet tube with two or more couplings to which a hose can be attached so that fire engines can pump liquids into a machine.

Mounting Flanges

A mounting flange is a metal threaded ring with several holes bored into it which is used to allow a shutter or lens to be installed onto a lensboard.


The primary purpose of a Flange is to contain a fluid and so protect the immediate environment from contamination (and vice versa), which may vary in significance from innocuous fluid loss (such as steam, water, etc) up to nauseous, toxic or hazardous fluid loss.

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