Commercial Aerospace


This area is comprised of anywhere from prototype to production run blanket orders with scheduled releases, and here at Precision Metal Spinning, we work with virtually all alloys.

Engine Parts

Here at Precision Metal Spinning, we create internal & external engine parts. We focus on high-quality, and precision.


The primary purpose of a seal is to contain a fluid and so protect the immediate environment from contamination (and vice versa), which may vary in significance from innocuous fluid loss (such as steam, water, etc) up to nauseous, toxic or hazardous fluid loss.

Housing Components

The ozone converter housing components we make are either made of sheet metal with corrosion resistant coating or stainless steel.


Horizontal liquid reducers are always eccentric, top flat (unless on control set, same as PV, TV, HV, LV) or (pipe rack), which prevents the build up of air bubbles in the system.

“Precision Metal Spinning takes pride in our work.”

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  • With our teams 80 Years of combined Metal Spinning Experience, Precision Metal Spinning can get the job done quickly, without sacrificing quality or attention to detail.

Beaded Reducer, Aluminum
Commercial Aluminum Cover
Large Beaded Aluminum Reducer

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