Intro to Metal Spinning

Intro to Metal Spinning

Metal spinning is a unique process that can be used to form complex shapes.


Metal spinning, also known as metal forming is a term used to describe the forming of metal into seamless axisymmetric shapes by a combination of rotational motion and force. In this process a tube or a disc of metal is rotated at a high speed, and is then transformed into the desired axially symmetrical object. This process of metal spinning uses conceptually similar techniques to clay pottery sculpting and can be performed using CNC, hydraulic power or by hand.

Applications of spun metal

Spun metal is used to create round metal parts. This has many commercial applications such as creating decorative and architectural parts.

Metal forming can be performed on any ductile metal. The diameter and depth of this spun metal can be of various sizes.

The advantages include the ability to create objects seamlessly by using a single piece of material and low cost tooling in respect to other forming methods.

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