Steel manufacturer expands to Fenton Township

Steel manufacturer expands to Fenton Township

Performance Fabricators is coming to Fenton Township. Thomas Miller, owner of TMI Climate Solutions in Holly, obtained approval by the Fenton Township Board of Trustees Monday to build a new corporate headquarters and manufacturing facility for his business at 3175 Thompson Rd.

Performance Fabricators, a steel manufacturer and division of Miller Industries, is currently located in Howell and they want to expand to the Fenton area.

The board adopted a resolution revising the boundaries of the existing district for Performance Fabricators, according to Thomas Broecker, operations manager/deputy clerk for Fenton Township.
Along with the district change, a 12-year tax exemption for the business was approved.

“It’s a law that allows industries to get a break on their taxes for a certain amount years. It cuts their tax rate in half for 12 years,” Broecker said. The amount of years depends on the business, and 12 years is the maximum. Miller’s business was able to get the full 12 years.

Performance Fabricating produces a variety of products like helipads, baggage handling equipment, platforms for parking structures, and other items.

With the platform for the parking structure, Broecker said “You pull into your space on the platform, you get a card, and it finds a cubby for your car. It’s very futuristic.

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