Industries Served

Precision Metal Spinning

Precision Metal Spinning is a leader in cost-effective, problem-solving, and quality parts. We serve a vast amount of customers in six major industries.
• Chemical
• Filtration
• Material Handling
• Air Movement
• Industrial Fabrication
• Architectural



Titanium Fittings and Beakers.


Formed Filter Bodies, Heads, End Caps, and Basket Rings.

Material Handling

Hoppers for Bulk and Powder, Feed Canisters, and Formed/Beaded Tubes.

Oil refinery factory at night

Air Movement

Air Inlets and Venturies.

Industrial Fabrication

Guards, Conical Transitions, Flanges, and Covers.


Copper and Brass Shapes, Caps, Trash Receptacles, and Ash Can Tops/Bottoms.