Global and China CNC Machine Tool Market Report, 2020-2026

Global and China CNC Machine Tool Market Report, 2020-2026

As a typical type of mechatronic products, CNC machine tools combine mechanical technology with CNC intelligence. The upstream mainly involves castings, sheet weldments, precision parts, functional parts, CNC systems, electrical components and other parts and components; the extensive downstream covers machinery, mold, automobile, electric equipment, railway locomotive, shipbuilding, petrochemical, electronic information technology and many other industrial industries.

Major machine tool producers include China, Germany, Japan, and the United States. Germany attaches great importance to high-tech, precise, sophisticated and practical CNC machine tools and accessories. It is highly specialized in R&D and production of various functional components, and ranks in the forefront in terms of quality and performance in the world.

Japan focuses on the development of CNC systems, and machine tool companies herein keep an eye on the layout of upstream materials and components as well as integrated development of core products. The United States has strong competitiveness in the design, manufacturing and basic scientific research of CNC machine tools.

China’s machine tool industry started late, but it develops rapidly, with significant growth in technology and market size. Now China has become the world’s largest machine tool producer, marketer and consumer, with high sensitivity to the market as well as fast response to sale and services.

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