Precision Metal Spinning’s Innovative Solution Boosts Engelhard’s Component Reliability

Precision Metal Spinning’s Innovative Solution Boosts Engelhard’s Component Reliability

Summary: Engelhard sought a more reliable and suitable production method for their parts, leading them to partner with Precision Metal Spinning. Leveraging their expertise in metal spinning, welding, and assembly, Precision Metal Spinning crafted the required components from Inconel 625 alloy, transitioning from the previous machining and photo etching processes. This pivot resulted in enhanced production efficiency, cost savings, and a strengthened supply chain for Engelhard, solidifying their position in the competitive catalytic converter market.

Industry: Catalytic Converter Manufacturing
Category: Production Process Optimization
Processes: Spinning

Engelhard Catalytic Converters faced a challenge in their production line. The machined and photo-etched parts they were using were not meeting their standards for reliability and efficiency, leading to increased downtime and cost overruns. The complex nature of the parts required a high degree of precision, and the existing processes were falling short. They needed a manufacturing partner who could not only understand the complexities of their industry but also deliver a superior product.

With their reputable expertise in creating large metal components for various high-demand industries, Precision Metal Spinning was the ideal candidate. Engelhard chose them based on their proven track record, where precision and reliability are paramount.

Precision Metal Spinning rose to the occasion by reimagining the production process for Engelhard’s parts. They proposed the use of Inconel 625 alloy—a material known for its high strength and excellent corrosion resistance, which is particularly crucial in the harsh environments where catalytic converters operate. Precision Metal Spinning utilized their advanced spinning, welding, and assembly techniques to manufacture the new components, ensuring each piece met Engelhard’s stringent specifications.

The transition from machined and photo-etched processes to metal spinning yielded significant benefits. Precision Metal Spinning’s innovative approach reduced production time, cut down material waste, and improved the overall durability and lifespan of the parts, which directly translated to a reduction in maintenance costs for Engelhard. Additionally, the streamlined production process improved supply chain efficiency, enabling Engelhard to better manage inventory and respond to market demands promptly.

The impact on Engelhard was profound. They experienced a boost in production uptime and a reduction in both direct and indirect costs. The reliability of their catalytic converters improved, leading to heightened customer satisfaction and an enhanced reputation in the market. By embracing the expertise of Precision Metal Spinning, Engelhard set a new standard for component manufacturing in the catalytic converter sector.