What Is Custom CNC Machining & When Do You Need It?

What Is Custom CNC Machining & When Do You Need It?

Custom CNC machining entails creating parts that do not exist anywhere else. It can take any form of CNC machining including CNC turning, CNC milling, and EDM among others, that a company may have the capacity to provide. A custom part may be as simple as a gear. But, you may need the gear in particular nonstandard size, material, or is a new invention that suppliers don’t have yet, calling for tailored production of the part.

Which Industries Require Custom CNC Machining?

Almost all industries require tailored CNC machining. If a company is searching for accurate CNC parts that sometimes are complex to produce using traditional methods, CNC machining comes in handy. Some of the industries that require custom CNC machining include:

Aerospace and Defense – items produced for this industry include flight safety items and other equipment needed for a specific aircraft

Agriculture – some of the things tailored for this industry include farm vehicles and farming tools

Automotive – motorcycle parts, metal parts, and all accessories needed for any automobile

Construction – here, you might need heavy construction equipment that doesn’t exist anywhere especially if your construction is taking a unique design

Firearms – any part big or small that is needed for ballistic devices

Electronics – including the production of semiconductors parts, enclosing cases, and others

Why You Should Choose Custom Machining

Unlike manual work, CNC machines can work continuously without plunging quality. Besides flexibility, safety and absence of the need to take a break from working, here are other advantages of choosing this manufacturing process.

1. High Precision and High-Quality Parts

CNC machining allows the production of demanding applications. Even with small diameters and unique features on a part, the high precision ability of CNC production ensures you get precisely what you need. Moreover, the production machine consistently allows the production of similar parts over and over until the last piece you order.

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