Bromford Industries: Competitive advantage through SMART production

Bromford Industries: Competitive advantage through SMART production

As a precision aerospace components manufacturer, Bromford Industries operates in a highly competitive market, but proactive investments in digital technology, factory connectivity and its workforce has seen the business climb to new heights.

The global commercial aircraft market is set to reach US$330bn by 2025, achieving more than 4% growth year-on-year

The North American narrow body aircraft market alone is poised to be worth somewhere in the region of US$45bn within the next five years.

The number of air passengers is expected to double to nearly 7.8 billion over the next two decades, driven by continued growth from well-established markets across the Americas and Europe, the rise of middle-class economies across the African, Asian and Pacific regions and the resulting rise in the number of local low-cost carriers.

Indeed, IATA forecasts that China will knock the United States off its long-enjoyed top spot as the world’s largest aviation market as early as 2022. The UK, incidentally, is expected to only stay within the top five until 2025 when the significant growth in both India and Indonesia will have nudged us out.

This booming demand for easy, affordable global connectivity is great news for aircraft OEMs and their supply chains, but make no mistake about it – innovation will be the key to ruling the skies.

At the same time as the number of passengers and flights are undergoing unprecedented growth, the aerospace industry is under growing pressure to address concerns surrounding aviation’s effect on the environment and society.

As a result, aircraft and the engines which power them must become ever more efficient (reducing Co2 emissions and using less fuel per passenger mile), lighter, quieter and safer.

This can only be achieved by leveraging cutting-edge design technologies and materials, analysing vast sums of data and pioneering new manufacturing techniques. All things, thankfully, that the UK is really rather good at.

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